“Schminkfites” literally means “Makeup bike” in Dutch. The schminkfiets is our grandads old bike with a cart full of face paint and brushes behind it. We, Chaja & Esther, cycle to you for (pregnant) belly make-up, children’s parties, events, theater productions, films and art & video projects. Optionally we could also come by car if needed! Its a great experience for children and adults.

About Esther & Chaja:
We are twins and when we were ten years old we got our first make-up set, the hobby that arose very soon became our work. Since then we have painted at many international festivals, events and theater. We mostly photograph our own (make-up) projects.

* About the Make-up:
The make-up we use – Grimas Water Make-up Pure – is water-based and easily washable with soap and water. On the day of make-up we recommend not to rub (the belly) with oil or greasy cream. The face paint is unscented, gluten free and without chemical preservatives. We have been working with Grimas for years and we have never had any complaints about the make-up, even with face painting on sensitive skin.